Friday, March 25, 2011


Today is my daughter Julia's eighth birthday, and it is also her last day of spring break. Rob and I decided to take the day off of work and spend it with Julia for her birthday. This included letting her decide where we should go and what we should do for the day. First, she wanted to go to Snappy Tomato for pizza and then she decided a trip to the Jumpers Playhouse for an hour of bouncing on giant inflatables sounded like fun. Rob and I gladly took her to both.

Since her birthday usually falls during spring break at her school and most of her friends are not in town, we decided to throw her a little party at the house this Sunday and invite members of our extended family. Julia has decided that this should be a birthday party for two and that I need to make two cakes on Sunday, one for her and one for Aleksandar. I agree with Julia. You see Aleksandar will be four next Wednesday, March 30th. I am saddened that Aleksandar will spend another birthday without his family, but I am hopeful that this birthday will be the last one in which we will not be together. There will be a place at the table for him on Sunday as if he were here because he is here in our hearts. I will bake him cake and place four candles on it, and I will let his big sister blow them out for him and make a wish. However, I already know what her wish will be. It will be the same as her bedtime prayer every night...."Dear God, please let my brother come home soon." Yes, Dear God, please let us our little boy come home soon.

It seems like so long since I have seen my little boy's face. I would give anything for an updated picture or some news of his progress, but I know until our adoption has been finalized that will probably not happen. I have asked repeatedly. The director at his orphanage is very strict or at least that is what I was told while we were in country. I was also told that she would not reply to an email from us so Rob and I have labored for three and half months without any news. I remain hopeful that we will hear some news regarding Aleksandar's surgery next month. He is scheduled to have the hole in his palate repaired again. I am praying that he will not be left alone at the hospital this time as he has been for his previous three surgeries. I am also praying that the surgery will be successful this time and that he will heal quickly. Lastly, I am praying that he has not forgotten Mommy and Daddy. Hopefully, he received the photo album that we sent him a few weeks ago, and the pictures will remind him of the two people who have loved him from the first time they saw him and longed for him ever since.

On Sunday, I am going to get out our videos of Aleksandar from our first trip and watch them in honor of his special day. Happy Birthday Aleksandar!