Monday, December 6, 2010

What a precious sight...

Today at 4:00 pm, my life and Rob's life changed forever. In a small upper room, outside of the social worker's office at the orphanage, Rob and I finally met our little boy. He was napping when we arrived, but someone was sent to wake him and to tell him that he had guests. He came into the room holding the social worker's hand and then looked around in amazement at all of the toys in the room. He seemed to barely notice me and Rob because he was so curious about this new room and all of the toys.

The social worker then asked our little boy to sit in a small chair pulled up to a glass table in front of us. Rob and I tried to get him to play with the stuffed dog that we brought for him or the small fire engine, but he was not interested. I also tried to get his attention using some mini m&ms. He did not know what to make of those either even with Rob demonstrating how yummy they were. Finally, he took one but instead of eating it he pulled the red candy coating off the m&m.

Rob and I then decided to pull out a small soccer ball that I had purchased only the day before our trip. That was the ticket! Our little boy loved the game of catch that he played with Rob. We actually got to see him smile and even hear him laugh. He got especially excited when Rob dribbled the small soccer ball on the floor and when I spun the ball on the floor like a top.

He also enjoyed playing with a Doodle-Pro magnetic drawing board that the orphanage had. At one point, he let me trace his hand on the board. I also think he enjoyed erasing things on the board just as much as he liked scribbling on the board.

Tomorrow, Rob and I will get to go to the orphanage again to visit our little one. This time our visit will be about two or three hours in the morning and one hour later in the afternoon. And yes, the soccer ball will make another apearance tomorrow.


  1. So glad your first visit went well!

  2. Just found your blog through CeAnne. So happy that you guys finally got to meet your son. Blessings


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