Monday, April 4, 2011

I see a yard sale in my future

In March of 2010, we began the adoption process and the pursuit of raising enough money to bring our son home from Bulgaria. The large amount of money that would be required for our adoption fees and two separate trips to Bulgaria seemed so daunting at that time. How would we come up with $36,000 in the next year? Rob and I prayed about this many times and believed because we were doing what God had called us to do that the money would be provided. He has not let us down.

Every time a fee was due, a donation would come in at the last minute to help us meet our goal. We had a  Chick-fil-A fundraiser last year, my company held a bake sale, and Rob and I had a very successful yard sale last March where items were donated to help raise money.  God also blessed my husband with a new job in August, which increased his salary beyond our expectations, and he blessed my husband again with an unexpected bonus from that new job last month. All of these things have contributed to our adoption fundraising thermometer going higher and higher.

We are now on what we hope is the final leg of this journey as we wait on our Article 5 letter and our court date in Bulgaria. We are also getting ready on Saturday, April 9th, to have what will probably be our final fundraising event before we travel to get our son. We are having another yard sale.

The yard sale date coincides with the date our subdivision has its neighborhood garage sale so we should get a lot of free advertisement and traffic for our sale from that. However, we are still trying to gather items from anyone desiring to donate to the sale. The more items we have to sell, the more money we can make towards our goal. We also need to borrow some extra tables from anyone who has some to help display items for the sale. If you can help out with any of these things, please leave a comment on my blog, and I will contact you.

It's hard to believe that we are only $3,000 away from reaching our goal. While that still sounds like a lot, it is no where near the original amount of $36,000 total that we needed to bring Aleksandar home last year. God has been good!

Here's to a successful yard sale on Saturday and hoping that the April showers stay away this weekend!

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  1. Sending up many prayers that God sends that last little bit!!! Thinking of you, Rob and Aleksander always! ::Hugs::


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