Friday, April 16, 2010

Tasty treats for a good cause

Today, my company for which I have worked for the last fifteen years is showing once again what a giving and caring bunch of people work in our office. The company is holding a bake sale as a fundraiser to help bring our little boy home. It is actually one of three fundraisers that they plan on holding during the next month. In terms of the number of employees at the company (we have around 75), we may be small, but the people at my company have huge hearts! The company is also allowing employees who would like to help in other ways to donate a portion of their leave time to me which is an absolutely amazing gift that has brought me to tears. Our adoption agency requires me to be off at least three months after we bring our son home, and even though I accrue four weeks of vacation a year it will not be enough after two trips to Bulgaria. All Rob and I can say is may God bless each and every one of you for your generosity and from the bottom of our hearts...Thank You!

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  1. Angela-

    Our travel agent is Mary Francis at Caldwell Travel in Brentwood. She is an international specialist. We haven't actually booked with them, but have every reason to believe she will be great.

    Best of luck-
    from "Our Adoption Journey" blog


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