Monday, May 24, 2010

Best husband and best chicken in TN

Every day I wake up and realize that I am married to my best friend and my soul mate. And over the last seven years, I have also realized that Rob is an amazing father. He was, after all, the first person to change Julia's diapers, and he has completely shared the parenting responsibilities with me ever since...as it should be.

Yesterday, he amazed me many times over. In the morning, we attended Bible study as we normally do on Sundays. Before Bible study, Rob asked if he could address our class with some things that were on his heart. A few minutes later, he stood before our class of men and women ranging in age between their 20s and 40s, and described how God had led us to begin the process of adoption and how we were then led to our beautiful little boy in Bulgaria. At times, his voice seemed to quiver, and to someone who did not know him as well, it would have seemed this happened from all the excitement in his voice. Yes, that was part of it, but I also realized it was in part from the deep love and affection my husband has for our little boy.

Rob told the class about a fundraiser that we are having on Thursday to raise money to help with the adoption, and he handed out a flyer for the fundraiser to every person in our class, In all, I believe he helped pass out more than 200 flyers yesterday to our class and elsewhere. He was a man with a purpose. Rob even drove across town to our old neighborhood and left flyers on the doors of our former neighbors. He then came home and posted the flyer on his Facebook page so that all of his friends and family would attend the event.

In our little one's lifebook, I will be writing about the tenacity and spirit of his father as Rob continues to do everything humanly possible to bring our son home. I will also tell our little one how his father lights up with love and happiness at the mere mention of his name. I will take pictures of Rob on Thursday night greeting our guests at Chick-fil-A, and I will show our son how hard his father worked to bring him home.

If you would like to join us for this event, please print out the flyer found within this post. Chick-fil-A really does have some of the best chicken in Tennessee, and the biggest hearts for allowing us to do this fundraiser. And in the midst of it all will be one very happy husband, father and friend. We hope to see you there!

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