Monday, May 3, 2010

Water, water everywhere

Rob, his parents, and his sister have been trapped in his parents' home in Franklin for three days now as Tennessee has experienced what the news media is calling flooding of an epic nature. I have missed my sweet hubby dearly, but I am very happy that he and his family are safe. We are hoping that the Harpeth River behind their house will recede enough that Rob may be able to come home sometime tomorrow. But, do not think that Rob has been languishing idle at his parents house all of this time. He finished the last five modules of his Hague online adoption training while waiting for the flood waters to recede and received his certificate via our e-mail today.

Rob and I were also supposed to begin our second cycle of our international adoption training tomorrow at our agency's offices, but our adoption agency is located in an area of Nashville that has been evacuated due to the continuing rise of the Cumberland River. The training has therefore been postponed until next week.

Now that Rob has received his completion certificate for the online adoption training, we are very close to finishing our home study paperwork. Actually, all we have left to do is turn in our tax returns from last year, some additional financial info, and our medical paperwork, which our physician finished last week. It is hard to believe that we will be finished with this portion by the end of the week, but we are very excited at the prospect. We were also excited to receive my passport a few days ago with our last name spelled correctly!

With these things completed, we are one step closer to meeting our son. I gazed up at the stars tonight and again wondered what our little boy was doing at that moment. I hoped that he was happy and that somehow he could feel my love from so far away.

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