Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Here We Go Part II

Have I ever mentioned that part of my job as an editor is to do research? I have to do lots of verifying and checking of information on a daily basis so you can only imagine that this has a trickle down effect into my personal life. I am the type of person who researches items that I am going to purchase meticulously on the Internet. I read customer reviews and trade magazine articles when necessary before committing to purchase a big ticket item. Travel arrangements and plane tickets definitely fall into the research category.

Late yesterday afternoon, I finally found tickets flying to Bulgaria over the Thanksgiving holiday that were not going to financially break Rob and I. A good friend gave us a tip on flying out of a gateway city rather than flying directly from the closest airport to our home, which is not in a gateway city. However, something was holding me back from purchasing those tickets even though that I knew there were very few seats left on those flights and the price was likely to go up again the closer we got to our travel date. I needed another confirmation from Vesta that those dates were correct (back to the checking of info thing). The requested information came today with a twist.

Yes, we are still going to Bulgaria, but it will be a week later than originally indicated by Vesta. While many would look at this as a little discouraging since it would be delaying meeting our child for another week, I choose to look at this as a blessing. Rob and I will have more time to raise the needed money for the trip and to actually prepare for our trip. Also, did I mention that I just purchased our tickets online and the cost was almost half of what it was going to be if we had to fly out the week of Thanksgiving? It was indeed a blessing in disguise!

We were also notified today that our referral will be here before we travel. This news makes us very happy for several reasons. As I mentioned before, we will get updated information on our son with our referral prior to travel, including new photos. I am sure that he has grown a lot since the photos taken last year, which adorn the desktop of our home computer. With our referral should also come the release of our grant money...just in time to pay some of our remaining fees and help with the trip. God is good!


  1. God is good and knows just what we need when we need it!!!! Enjoy your time with your son!!!

  2. Good... sounds like it is all falling together beautifully... even if it is a week later... So happy for you!!


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