Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Let the packing begin!

We finalized our travel arrangements last week for our second trip to Bulgaria, including the purchase of our plane tickets. Julia's passport arrived last Monday so we were happy we could move quickly with getting the airline tickets once our travel dates were confirmed. Now, we begin what adopting families do best which is counting the days until we leave for Sofia, Bulgaria.

We are very excited that our friends that we met on our first trip will also be traveling on the same dates as we are to Pleven to pick up their daughter. I am hoping that Vesta rents a van this time to take the five of us up into the mountains and then bring the seven of us back down to Sofia. I can't imagine all of us fitting in our driver's compact car again. We definitely would be like a pack of sardines.

This week is going to be very busy for me as I begin making the lists of things to do prior to the trip, buying any items that we will need while in country, and of course, packing! Today, I begin washing all the adorable clothes for our little boy that we received at our recent shower held at our church (pictures from this event should be forthcoming soon) and picking out what toys to take for both our son and Julia.

I also need to call Julia's pediatrician and set up the appointment for our son after our arrival home. I understand it will be a lengthy appointment, and we will have much to discuss. However, I am going to try and schedule it for several weeks after we are home as I would like to give our family and our son some time to adjust to what is going to become our new normal.

Our little boy's room is also coming together nicely as we were able to purchase a headboard and rails and a new nightstand for him last week. Now, I need to wash the sheets and put the rest of his bedding on his new bed. Did I mention it is in an airplane theme? Very cute! I also have some nice plaques that I am going to put  up in his room which spell out his name. And, finally whatever else I need, I am sure that Target will have. Rob and I received several Target gift cards at our shower, and I intend on putting them to good use. I will definitely post pics of the room when it is finished.

I still can't believe that this part of the journey is almost at an end, and the most exciting part which is having our son home is about to begin! Twenty-five days and counting until we see you again Yuli Aleksandar Pachciarz!


  1. Brings tears to my eyes, you are finally getting to travel and pick him up. 25 days seems so long, but it is soo soon :) So happy for you guys, can't wait to see gotcha day pictures.

  2. SO SUPER EXCITED! I feel like I drank a pot of caffeinated coffee I'm so excited! I'm with Celeste, just makes me want to cry tears of joy. Soon she will be joining us too!!!!

  3. 2 more weeks, have it on my calendar keep us posted on gotcha day! Blessings


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